Under Sea Walk – Andaman Island Excursion – A life time experience

Continuing to the my 100 days of writing challenge, I am here with my latest travel experience on this first Sunday of the year. Andaman Island tour was a life time experience for me. Radhanagar Beach, Under Sea Walk in Neil Island, Extreme fun at Ross Island, Famous Cellular Jail as in Port Blair, Snorkeling at Elephant Beach and many more things to experience. Truly fantastic. Period.

Under Sea Walk was one of the best experiences so far in life. Touching live corals, holding the multi-color live sea shells, fishes 🐠, managing your life and breathe under 35 meter in sea under extreme air pressure. It was truly remarkable experience for me.

Imagine going 35 meters deep in sea water where you can not talk, no matter what. The only mode of communication that you can use is some sign language with action of hands. You get appropriate training before you dive into the water and you must pay attention to every tiny details. I ignored it as the instructor was talking very plain and I thought I would be able to handle them easily. But when I put my first step into water and I got submerged into water completely, I experienced unbearable pain in my ears due to the extreme pressure by the air being pushed into my mask to displace the water and keep me alive. I forgot the instruction to keep my mouth shut. I opened my mouth and my ears could not handle that extreme pressure.

Somehow I could manage to inform my instructor that my ears are paining too much. After that he pulled me up to the deck and removed my mask. He instructed me again not open my mouth pain – no matter what – and sent me into the water. I followed the instructions and then it was easy for me to handle the air pressure being created in my mask. It was really a breathtaking moments for me. I thought I would die but next time when I went into the sea I was able to manage it well and it turned out to be the lifetime experience. Under Sea Walk was the best thing I could ever do.

I’d recommend everyone to try it once in their life time.

Watch my Under Sea Walk experiences live below…

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