You are who you are on your worst day

On the way to home this Thursday, a Maruti VagonR almost banged into my car. While I managed to remain scratchless, my car was not that fortunate enough. I slowed down the car and stopped to look how much damage happened.

In past few such instances, I used to pull the iron rod from my car and get into explosive mode to recover the loss. But this time, I was like “Its okay”. Neither I pulled the iron rod nor did I give a “How dare you” look.

The VagonR came beside me and I rolled down my window. I simply asked the couple sitting in – Was that big dent?

Before they could say sorry, I said – “It’s okay”. And I started driving.

I was surprised by my reaction, my own response to the situation. I was not upset. And, to be honest, it wasn’t real me.

Introspection was much needed as something was happening different from how I used to be.

I went to the roof after reaching home. Sipping the tea and watching the dark sky at night – I realized that it was all self-awareness of the situation. I knew that assessing the damage on the spot, arguing with the couple, or fretting about it isn’t going to change the reality. Neither it will undo what happened.

This change made me feel good at larger level. Hope I continue to change for better every day.

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