What do you look for when hiring someone?

This week I took an assignment of hiring someone.  Hiring is something that I do it as and when needed.  I was explaining the situation to a friend of mine – a fin-legal consultant –  who asked me a question during this conversation.

What do you look for when hiring someone?

I explained him what exactly I look for in someone who come to meet me during interview. Here are couple of things that I found interesting out of me – that I figured out that day.

Usually, I don’t take no-political approach to describe what I do and how I do. But this time I took some light moment up and shared like this:

  • I personally look for someone who is hungry. Some who would want to work to deliver above and beyond. Besides the basic essentials like hard worker, efficient and smarty – I look for someone who can mesh with the company culture and kind of get the vision of what whole company is trying to do. [[That’s more important for me.]] Someone who look for beyond typical 9-5 job and is ready to take risk, can fight to implement his ideas and don’t fear of failure or being fired.
  • Someone who doesn’t take 100 hours to finish a task — and take initiatives to finish the tasks voluntarily.
  • I don’t have problem with someone messing up a little bit and adapts to improve that in the next attempt. These kind of folks don’t require so called corporate training. It’s better to learn, show confidence, take initiative, give more than what others could think of – I don’t really care and (probably no one would) with your failure. You learn fast this way.
  • A lot of things that we do – we are not experts in those things. They, too, are not experts in – definitely. But nicest part is – they go and figure it out out at their own. I really love them. They are like a wind to the fire. That adds so much of the value to what I and other team members – whole company – are doing.
  • Someone who really cares about the direction in which the company is  moving and really cares about progressing it and takes the initiative about find new ways to add value to business.

Too much theoretical? Take it with soda and it would take taste better. It was too quick writing. So ignore the rough roads.

Signing off!
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