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86% of the CEOs in U.S believe that TECHNOLOGY will transform the business and I do believe in extensive use of technology/machine to harness the best possible value of human capital.What I believe in building a scalable business is to build repeatable processes. I call them business templates. Though every deal or order is unique and I believe that all the steps can be fit into a template which can be replicated time and again as required. I think this is the success mantra now for entrepreneurs who want to produce scalable business models.[Tweet “Technology is an ENABLER and entrepreneurs should use it extensively to get the work done”]. Sometimes I get surprised to hear some technology people preferring to use the human capital for repetitive work just because they think that the creating a machine process is expensive. I always ask myself a question why they don’t value the human capital?

Find patterns, define processes, make the processes repeatable, get machines at work and use human to add value to the processes.

~Pankaj Sharma

I believe in intellectual value of human being and use the technology to automate tasks that are frequent and mechanical in nature with no human value addition. There is no point engaging human capital if the technology can take it to 90% of the efficiency and minimize the chance of error to 0.001%.

In more than 7 years of experience in hard-line operations, I’ve set up some rules for myself to get the best out of human capital. Every small-to-big event that has a pattern and repeats for more than 20 times in a week should be should be automated. [Tweet “Let our intellectually superior human capital add value to processes instead of working in machinery fashion”]. We should take some time to reflect on what we are doing and what all can be transferred to machine and set the human free to think and improve. Customer service, sales, production & delivery, you name it and I will suggest automating the events. This will help you in managing the business better, collecting valuable data without any extra effort, streamlining the operations and analyzing your consumer behavior that will, in turn, help you in building right strategy for future. Improvement is a continuous process and technology is there to help you out.

Let me use the human capital to the place where they actually add 80% of value by doing 20% of the stuff. And let the technology do what has got a pattern. Nothing is more disciplined than machine if well directed.

Initially you will find it little difficult and expensive but you are entrepreneur to look beyond what others couldn’t see, not what is the need for next 48 hours.

[Tweet “Overlook the immediate and aim to build wonderful future wherever the time allows you. Get machines at work and let the human capital add value to it”]. The day you start giving value to machines more than human, you are getting diverted from the fundamentals that human created machine, not vice versa.

Pankaj Sharma

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