12 Ways to Use Twitter for Social Media Marketing

Twitter is the fastest growing social media site in the world reaching 500 million users in May 2015. It handles 1.6 billion queries every single day. But what people don’t realize is that it can be used as a tool for marketing. Nobody would want to miss out on its amazing marketing potential. So read on to know how you can get onboard along thousands of brands marketing their products through Twitter!

1. Sharing Relevant Content in Your Own Style

Share interesting links containing relevant content such as articles, videos or blogs and so on, adding in your own words. It is a good way to connect with people. Twitter is a great medium to reach a lot of people instantly. And Voila! They get instant access to your interests as well as your personality. Your aim should be to get them to click on the link and re-tweet it without your post seeming to be overtly about you capturing the consumer. This is a great way to build your ‘brand’.

2. Networking

Twitter tools such as Follower Wonk, Twellow, Wefellow and Steeple to find people in a similar geographical region as you or those who are interested in your work. You can follow such people and not only hope for them to follow you back but take the initiative by adding your opinions to their tweets if it relates to your line of work and they WILL follow you. Also this way they can see who is the expert on that topic (YOU of course!)

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3. Building Meaningful Relationships with Your Target Audience

Take the effort to not only tweet to them but to involve yourself in their conversation. Engage with people, talk to them by using @theirname so that they know you’re sincere and accountable. If people follow you make sure you follow them back. Follow me on twitter at @iPankajS

4. Brand Surveillance

Follow anyone who mentions your brand and be alert for any mention of your brand. Twitter is a great platform to get feedback from customers. A polite ‘thank you’ for compliments can work wonders! At the same time learn to take criticism well or even ask your network to provide constructive criticism. This way you are one step ahead of the disgruntled customer Ha!

5. Tweeting Content from Your Own Blog/Website

Customise and share tweets of your Blog posts and Websites at optimum intervals so that people don’t get bored reading your tweets. It is okay to share it several times so that people who missed it can access it later but keep it to a limit. Too many tweets might put people off from reading it. Also make sure that you turn off a blog plug-in which automatically tweets your blog posts. Tweet content keeping in mind all these pointers.

6. Live Tweeting Events

Live Tweeting is an interactive way of connecting with your community of followers. Use hash-tags which are short and catchy. That way when you tweet, it can capture people’s attention. Live Tweeting events are a means of people to get involved in something big, as citizen journalists who are micro-blogging. It also helps you connect with people who might be new to your community while engaging in discussions relating to your community and providing valuable contribution.

7. Captivating Journalists’ Attention

You can capture one or many journalists’ attention (who is/are following you) for pitching a story idea on you or your brand or your work, by directly sending a message to them through Twitter.

8. Team Work

Twitter can be used as a means of communicating with your team members during a project without hassle. Just change your settings to private and communicate with your team! It is especially useful if your work entails people living in different geographical regions. Communication during group projects become smooth by using Twitter.

Update: The best way to increase engagement on twitter for your business is to have every employee active on twitter and talking to the customers. No content writer can generate better content than your employees who actually built that product or are a part of your service. Try this and you’ll find incredible results.

9. Votes on Voting Websites

Any story submitted to websites like Digg, Reddit or any such social voting websites, can get more votes once you Tweet a link to it. Personalise this Tweet and make it eye-catching so that people click on your link and vote for your story!

10. Obtaining Potential Employees

Seeking to hire potential employees you might need? Twitter saves the day again! You can tweet your followers with the job requirements. You might either find somebody among your followers or they might recommend someone else. Twitter is perfect for finding freelancers, and it is so much more effective than classified ads.

11. Personal Brand Improvement

Share tweets about your daily life-the great dinner you had with your family, what you had for breakfast and so on. It may seem mundane but it establishes a personal connection between you and your followers. It makes you seem less intimidating and more approachable. These daily-life tweets can even change a perception of the leader of a company which seems corporate and all business.

12. Consolidating Your Online Message Usage

Twitter has the feature for private messaging, so instead of overusing IMs, Email and such services. You can use Twitter for both public and private conversations. You can avoid the chaos of using all these messaging apps and losing track of conversations by consolidating all conversations to your Twitter account.

Author: R. Yuga Harini

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