Focus, Detachment and You

Sometimes, it’s like. Oh God, why am I not able to focus?

Today, it happened with me.  I was feeling so empty while writing an email asking for a referral from a client. I don’t know. Writing an email – a good email – is as easy as riding a bike. I’m pretty good at embedding the sentiments into short sentences. And it does make sense too.. But I felt empty.

There might be many reasons such as it was evening time and I was completely drained with too much of mental work today. Or I worked with grievances and handling rough projects today so I was not able to feel if the customers are happy. Anything could be blamed for my inefficiency to create a good email. But that’s not my forte.

I always tend to find out the gap and behind the inefficiency and fix it within time. That’s what I’m known for.

Let me deconstruct the mentally complex situation for you and understand the reasons behind the inefficiency. It happens with everyone of us and we all need to think the same way to fix it. If it does not happen with you, either you’re not hitting hard or you actually don’t have idea about the BEST OF YOU.. So let’s get started. The reasons could be:

  1. I was writing that email in late evening while I was completely drained. My brain cells refused to respond.
  2. Being Monday, it was a tough day with a lot of pending work from the never ending work series.
  3. My head was not in my control and I was not able to get out of the situation, focus and think differently.

If you look at all three reasons mentioned above, you’ll see that each one supercede one another. But, for me, it’s the third one – focus and detachment – that make sense. Situations can be anything and you can’t avoid them but you must be able to detach yourself from one situation and get into the other one, leaving all the elements for the previous one behind, so that you can focus on the current situation and be present where you need to be with full body and mind.

Detachment is the key. Once you’re able to successfully detach yourself from one situation and get into the other one, you’ll be more productive, efficient and awesome. For me, being awesome is more important. This is what differentiate you from other regular folks and help you manage multiple things parallel.(Don’t confuse it multitasking. I strongly believe that multitasking is a productivity killer)

Ever wondered how CEOs work wearing multiple hats at a time and delivering excellence through the workforce they have. They are just the  master of the law of detachment and they’ve practiced rewiring their brain according to the situation. You can do, too!

Focus at work

How can you do it? It’s not easy but it’s not impossible. Let’s try it.

  • Focus – Focus is the first step to increase the efficiency and produce better results. There is no definition of better.  It’s all about producing an improved result than what you could. Trust me, you’re more capable of doing anything better than you can even think of. Your ability to focus on the task determines the quality of the output and you become awesome.
  • Detachment – More than 90% of us are not able to understand the gap – Why can’t we focus on things that we do. It’s Detachment. You’ve to detach yourself from one task/situation/work flow to be able to focus on another one.

A TIP: Always get into the habit of taking a note. You can use Keep, Evernote, OneNote or the simple pen and paper. Whatever method you prefer,  take a note of the things that you discuss and have to do. So that you don’t have to remember things. This will use less RAM of your brain and keep the usable memory free for the next event.

  • Be in the present: No matter what you do, you won’t be able to able to focus on what you’re doing unless you be there at all possible mental and physical levels. Take your phone into airplane mode and avoid looking into the messages, call, or whatsapp. Get so engrossed into what you’re doing that you forget to have dinner or lunch and you don’t get the time to see the clock. This kind of engagement brings result undoubtedly.  

I’ve tried and tested these fixes many a times and continue to do so. I’ve seen hundreds of people struggling with their productivity. They’re concerned about it but they hardly try to understand the gaps. You must try these steps and you’ll feel the topnotch productivity within a week.

I’ve seen people who used to be ultra productive in past now they have lost the charm of being on top of it. It’s frustrating to see folks checking their messages every other minute as if they’ve the responsibility to keep World Trade Center secured. A research shows that Checking messages once in between work, hampers 13 mins of your focus. Now you imagine, how focused you’re.

Try for seven days and don’t check the messages and Facebook and you will see the difference.

If you’re reading this message till end, I’m sure you must have liked this piece. I would like you to do me a favor by sharing it with friends and family so that they also get help with the productivity and focus. I’m going to do a series of actionable that you can perform at work very easily to increase the focus. So stay tuned!

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