How to Help Your Child During Exam Stress – And Be A Proud Parent of A Great Future Child

My Dear Parents,

It took me sometime to connect with you again in this crucial exam time. Every student and parents are stressed out for the exams at hand. So do the teachers!

While the students are working harder to get better grades in exams – I thought to share some experiences with you so that you can help them in doing better during exam time.

As a parents, you must have dream about your child’s career and education. Right? But let me ask you a very critical question and I want you to answer yourself honestly.

How much time do you spend with your child to;

  1. Understand his study practices,
  2. Help him cope with the pressure and
  3. Motivate him to do better than yesterday.

If you’re doing these, your child must be performing well as per your expectations. If not, you should not expect much.

I know I am being harsh on parenting.

But let me ask you another question.

Did you observe your child is;

  1. staying away from you while studying?
  2. Not sharing what happened in school every day with you?
  3. Trying to escape from the discussion on report card?
  4. Not having a joyful conversation with you?

It’s not him. It’s us as parent.

I won’t explain here how it works because It would make me write a few research papers on it. But I’ll share some critical a-must-do-list that will help you in getting the situation on right track.

1. Spend time with your child everyday – No Exception.

Your 15 min a day can make significant impact on your child’s education and growth. I understand you don’t get time for your work and other more significant things in life and family, but trust me – this is equally important. So here is the way.What about taking your child out for a 15-minutes-walk after dinner EVERYDAY and talk to him about what happened in school, his struggles in different topics and subject, did he do anything that you should be proud on, etc. You necessarily don’t need to talk about the equations and theorems he learns in school but you can listen to his problems and given him a moral support. That’s enough for him.

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