CBSE Class 12 Results 2017 : How to handle your child & disappointment

Dear Parents and Students,

You expected 95 % and you got 85 % or you expected 75 % and you get 55 %.

Throw a party whatever is the result. Celebrate your efforts, not your marks. No boards can ever test all your talents. More exams and tests will follow across years my dear friends.

If you have been a top ranker all your life and today you have moved down, do not despair. That is the rule of life. We cannot perform at our best always. Accept all your feelings as it comes. Be in touch with all the difficult thoughts that pass through your mind. Congratulate all those who have done well. After a few days, analyze your performance and move on. Life will test you with several exams across time. That will make you wiser. Some we win, some we lose. Share your pain and agony with best friends, relatives or a counselor.

As parents hug your child whatever is the performance. Throw a party for sure. Remember you have given birth to your child and not to a mark sheet. Announce the results openly and never feel ashamed of your child. If you are disappointed, share your feelings with responsible friends, relatives or a counselor. Do not avoid your child nor publicly criticize him/her. In distress, hug you child a little loner and a little stronger.

If your marks do not lead to your career choice, look at the plan B. Remember career or a spouse, plan B is very important. If you still want your choice of your career try again very hard even though you may lose a year. NO SHAME, NO BLAME IS A VERY IMPORTANT PHILOSOPHY THAT FAMILIES SHOULD FOLLOW. Excessive shame causes agony and depression. Reputation is a fantasy. Dealing with the results openly helps one to move on.

If one gets 90 %+ s/he is not a hero and one gets 40 %+ s/he is not a zero. Life is still a long way ahead.

Got any question, feel free to ask me here.

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