Books that I recommend to people around me

Recently, I was talking to a group of friends over weekend. And something exciting happened.

We all talked about things that we did over months since we met last.

Everyone had some or other interesting stories about business, job, family, love affairs and girls ( mostly 😛 ).

When my turn came, I had nothing soooooo INTERESTING sort of to talk about. So, I talked about the books that I read and surprisingly, they started showing interest in my recommendations.

Infact, one of my friends ordered the book 4 Hour Work Week immediately after listening to my adventure about how I learned to generate passive income along with my regular job and two weeks long vacation to a nice place called Coorg, India.

Check Yourself: 4 Hour Work Week

About the book

“Reading this book is like putting a few zeros on your income. Tim brings lifestyle to a new level–listen to him!”
—Michael D. Kerlin, McKinsey & Company Consultant to Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund and J. William Fulbright Scholar


“If you want to live your dreams now, and not in 20 or 30 years, buy this book!”
—Laura Roden, Chairman of the Silicon Valley Association of Start-up Entrepreneurs;Lecturer in Corporate Finance, San Jose State University

That inspired me to share my recommendations with you all.

I know, some of you will hate it. And that’s fair. 🙂

But if you think you should read at least something, I am sure you will love my recommendations.

I know your taste.

So the rules are simple.

Click below to let me know that you are interested in getting two emails a month – that means list of 8 books a month – out of which you can choose any one to read through.

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Don’t worry! I respect your privacy and I hate spamming too as much you do 🙂

In terms of reading resources, I’ve done my best over the years to create resources for people who are trying to read more, read better, write better and think better.

I’ll share few of my experiences on how to read faster & triple your speed in a week, a guide to read more and more in the same time and how to choose books and FREE eBOOKs…… many more things that are mostly common with all of us.

Even if you’re not interested in reading books, my emails will remind you of me and I would love to hear a “hi” from you.

Talk Soon!
Pankaj Sharma
I’m mostly active on twitter at @iPankajS — Looking forward to see you there if you’re on twitter.

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