Hiring for Startup? Look what your business needs



What once worked well may no longer fit today’s changing reality. With outdated approaches to strategy, this can happen quickly and put your business at significant risk, and you may not even know it. So always have the scope for creative people in your team.

I got surprised to learn an advice from Founder of LinkedIn while he was talking about building a great company. According to him, if you want to build great company, don’t hire MBAs in your core decision making team. Because none of the business schools teach to build company instead they train people to manage well set things. And that is where the mismatch is. The skills that B-schools teach and what fast-paced startups require are different.

Many of us, like me, who have attended B-School and are entrepreneur by nature and manager by profession,will advocate it. B-Schools need major transformation in their approach and create entrepreneurs instead of teaching to churn money of their every minute in corporate world.

Pankaj Sharma

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