I fail everyday – and I love to do it

Everyday when I hit the roads in morning, I set a goal to exceed my goals by 9% of what I did yesterday.

(I’ve a reasoning behind why 9% that I will tell you later.)

Don’t be surprised. I am not a loser in the real world.

I fail because I increase my ceiling everyday. I change the yardstick everyday and make it relative to the last one. — because there is no end to this improvement.

Improving in life is what every one of us wish to do. You also think of improving on certainly things everyday. Right?

But did you ever think why couldn’t you improve with passing days?

Because you just thought of doing it BUT never did this as you always fear to fail.

I don’t do it. I get up in the morning to take the risk , go beyond the limitation and try to push harder to be a better version of myself. AND THAT HELPS ME IN PROGRESSING INCH BY INCH EVERYDAY.

No matter what you do, you must set a target that you can’t reach comfortably. And you’ll see the wonder happening around you.

For example:

  1. You want to improve on writing? – Write two-three paragraph everyday and proofread it twice before sending to a superior who think of taking shit out of for any mistake. Your writing will improve.
  2. You want to lose weight? – Follow the rule of 9% and walk/run or workout 9% more than you did yesterday. If you ran 1KM yesterday, make it 1.1km today. If 10, make it 10.9 today. You’ll see a significant change even if you are not able to hit the goal.
    Feel Guilty if you are not hitting the goals. 🙂 Don’t compromise with it.
  3. If you want to learn a new language? – Learn 9% more than you did yesterday.

The idea behind doing all these are to improve your efficiency and pushing your own limits to infinite as all the limits lie in your thoughts, not in the material things like your body.


So are you pushing yourself today? Share your experiences with me. Leave me a message in comment with your email to set up the call.

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