Calories Per Day – How much do I need?

Today all of us try to look like a conscious folk about his health. I wonder how many of us really mean it. Today, I’m going to answer the two most basic questions that everyone asks about energy, body, and calorie per day.

Big Questions

1. How many calories per day does the average person need? or how many calories per day the human body needs?
2. What if I take more energy than required by the body?

I have a simple answer that is easy to understand. Our human body in an ultimate machine and it carries out millions of functions every day. Running a machine needs energy, so does our body, too. The energy supply in the human body is met by consuming food and turning it into a usable form of energy.

The amount of energy required by the human body depends on the energy consumption on a daily basis. It also depends on the energy required to meet metabolic activities. In a simple way, we can estimate the amount of energy we need by body weight and activity level.

The first question

How many calorie does the average person need? or how many calories per day the human body needs?

Best Answer: The fundamental energy consumption of the human body is 4 kJ per kilogram of the human body weight per hour.

Translating into mathematical equation for calories per day

Total Energy Consumption as calories per day = Human Body weight (Kg) × 4 kJ × 24 hours

We will divide it by 4.18 kJ to turn it into calories as 1kcal = 4.18 kJ

For example: If you weigh 60kg, you will need 60kg × 4 kJ × 24 hours / 4.18 kJ = 1377 calories per day

The second question

“What if I take more energy or calories per day than required by the body?”

Best Answer: Excess energy from food intake that is not used is stored as fat in the human body.

The next question – Body Mass Index

Am I overweight? How do I calculate my weight for my age?

And the best answer is – Body Mass Index is the simple way to determine if you’re fat or fit. Body Mass Index is calculated by the height and weight of the body.

The normal Body Mass Index in an adult body suggested by body scientists ranges between 19 to 24.

Body Mass Index = Body Mass/Weight (Kg) / Height (in meters) x Height (in meters)

A higher body mass index (BMI) is dangerous for a human body. It can potentially cause illness and other health issues like obesity, high blood pressure etc.

If you can’t control the diet, exert the energy by doing physical activities. 🙂

The final question

How many calories do we burn walking 1 km?

Simple rule: Calories burnt in walking per kilometer by you is equal to your body weight in kilograms.

If you walk for 1km and you weigh 60kg, you burn 60 kCal. 🙂 Now look for the calories at the packet of every food that you eat and see how many kilometers of walk you’re owing to consume it.

So it is important for all to understand our body and ensure that it is taken care of always.

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