Know your audience – Best way to build your team or product

Designing a new product/service or building your dream team or anything that you are doing for masses, it requires you to get out of your office to figure out who your users are and what they want, and how they are going to buy your idea/concept.

You might require opening a meaningful dialogue with strangers, not your admirers, and seeking feedback upon your idea/concept or whatever you are doing for them. You’ll be surprised to know how people look at your ideas or the product. No doubt, your ideas are great and enough to change things that you’ve thought of but this will give an invaluable insight about level of acceptance.

You got to listen to your end user or those who are going to be affected by this and take their constructive feedback to improve your product.

PS: You’re not obliged to implement all the feedback/features suggested.

Same goes with managing a team (not leading). Your team members at various levels are end users of your thoughts and ideology. You might be doing your best to get most out of them and keep them motivated but – Do your audience buy your idea and efforts? Are they looking at it the way you have thought of? Managers believe that they always do right things and don’t feel the need to bother about what their team members think of. And that’s where I want you to focus.

“More you reduce the number of “I built”, “my product” and “our product” from your product and include “your problem”, “your sales”, etc, greater the product will be.” – Pankaj Sharma

You got to see what your audience think about whatever you are doing. Because, at the end of the day, you are doing things for them and they are going to be impacted. You need to visit and talk to the people in team to understand what they think about your ideas. What keeps them motivated and what bothers them about the way things are being done?

Alignment with what is being done for them and how they feel about it is as important as changing your food habit. What happened when your body reacts unusually to the food that you have taken last evening? You get serious immediately and find out the reason and remedy for it. You don’t ignore it, right? Similarly, you’ll have to understand the reaction of your action from your recipients and see how you can make it best fit for the situation.

There are several ways to do it with a motive to understand them well. Start with looking into the communication channels. Have you made the door opaque/closed? Do they feel restraint while coming to you for any issue? If yes, you got to start here. Opening a channel of communication – solves half of the people management problems. Skip-level meetings with team members, meeting with group leaders to understand what things are going on inside the team are few things that you must do periodically to understand them.

The best way that I found to know your team members at their best is to tackle a hard problem jointly with them and you will be surprised to learn that they, too, have good understanding of it.

I’m a gigantic fan of democratic leadership and deriving solution from within the team. This gives an opportunity to see their potentials and identify talents. Also it gives an exclusive feeling to the team members as you give them the opportunity to show their mettle.

I’ve tried to share my experiences here about building great team or product. What are you experiments and experiences so far? I would love to hear them. Please feel free to share your thoughts below in comment box.

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