An open letter to AAP and the entire team

Though, many of us did not vote for you but we salute your courage and cause.
Dear Arvind Kejriwal,
Heartiest congratulations to you and the entire team for keeping the #startup spirit up and giving inspiration to thousands of entrepreneurs to visualize the power in them. I’m proud to say that, in the historic event of General Election 2014 with 67% of voting, I find your role very significant. You changed the way people see election voting and its power, starting with Delhi Election 2013 and then, it reflected well in General Election 2014 too. You came up with a cause. You spread awareness in people about political system and politics. You helped others to courage to bring a change. You made people think that their vote counts and it worked well. After all this, it hardly matters if you lose or win. But you changed the way people see politics. Entrepreneurs can easily understand and will always pat your back for what you did. Not because he gets a direct benefit in his #startup but for all the motivation he gets to be firm in what he is doing. Daring to challenge the conventional system, coming up with a cause, aligning millions of people (especially youth) with your mission, fighting against big guns and inspiring them to see a changed future are all what a #startup guy would need. And he hardly cares if he lost or won. You were second choice for people of India after winning party BJP on most of the seats, that’s amazing. After all, entrepreneurs care about making great efforts to do what they want to do (and greater failures to learn from them). Again, I’m proud of you for coming up with such a great initiative. You were, you are and will always be be an inspiration!
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